The 31 Day Blogging Challenge

Darren Rowse, author of Problogger, created the 31 Day Blogging Challenge in August 2007. The Challenge is a set of 31 tasks designed to help you become a better blogger. I first read about a related challenge, 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger, in Steve Dembo’s blog.

So after, I came across Sue Waters’ post in her personal blog about a group of educators completing the 31 Day Project together. I know that working as a member of a group is much more motivating for me, not to mention the support that a group experience brings, so I decided to sign up!

I learned, and continue to learn, an amazing amount of information about blogging from this project! I strongly encourage anyone who wants to become a better blogger to complete the tasks. Dembo’s tasks are a little different from Rowse’s, and the 31 Day Project group that I joined was specifically for educators. I would recommend that you read through all three to discover the similiarities and differences before deciding on the approach that is best for you.

Here are posts directly related to the 31 Day Project. Each post links back to the Problogger page and summarizes my learning associated with the specific task.

31 Days to Being a Better Blogger – My first post on the challenge with basic introductory information.

Week #1 – 31 Day Blogging Challenge – Days 1 – 7

Week #2 – 31 Day Blogging Challenge – Days 7 – 14

Week #4 – 31 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 14

Spring Break Catch-up on the 31 Day Blogging Challenge – Days 15 – 18

Week #? – 31 Day Blogging Challenge – Days 19 and on coming soon!

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