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In addition to the blogs shown at the right in my blogroll, here’s a list of other blogs I subscribe to:

Adventures in a Gifted Classroom

always learning

Angela Maiers


Clif’s Notes

Dangerously Irrelevant



Ideas and Thoughts

Integrating Technology: My Journey

It’s all about learning

Kevin’s Information and Media Literacy Blog

Langwitches Blog


Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Open Thinking

Practical Theory

Searching for Sunshine

Thinking in Mind

The Thinking Stick

Thumann Resources

Welcome to NCS-Tech!

 These blogs are specific to art and art education:

art 21 blog

The Art Classroom

The Art Teacher’s Guide to the Internet

The Carrot Revolution

BC Art Teachers’ Association site


Dryden Art

7 thoughts on “Blogs I Read

  1. Thanks! I think it makes more sense than having a really long list on the side. I think I’ll leave my blogroll on the side for those blogs that I subscribe to and then add all those I read to the ‘blogs I read’ page.

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  3. Hi Errin,

    Did you know that you get Google Reader to configure a blogroll that you can embed on your site? It automatically updates your blogroll as you add and delete subscriptions in Google Reader. You can see my blogroll here. In the preface I have a link to a post by Sue Waters on how to set this up. It’s nice because I find that I’m continuously adding and pruning my feeds and I don’t have to worry about updating my blogroll.

    You had asked for possible additions to your blogroll; here are a couple of my suggestions:
    2cents Worth by David Warlick–he writes short, thought provoking posts on educational blogging
    Practical Theory by Chris Lehmann–he writes longer passionate posts about how he sees the ideal future of education.

  4. Hmm, just re-read your post and realized that you DID use Google Reader to generate this blog roll–my misread. Just ignore my ‘helpful’ advice above 😉

  5. Hi Claire,
    I actually didn’t use Google Reader to generate the list. I forgot that you could do that! And I’d forgotten about Practical Theory – that was one of the blogs I lost in my old RSS list. Thanks x2!

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