I did it!

I finally did it! I finally took up the challenge and created my first blog! As I’m cautious by nature, it’s not surprising to me that I spent a considerable amount of time researching blogging first (over a year…thorough and cautious!).

I’m still not completely comfortable with the whole notion of putting oneself ‘out there’, online, for all to see. I do, however, enjoy pushing myself beyond my comfort zone in matters of professional development and I find writing extremely valuable for professional reflection, so I’m not really surprised at what I’ve just done. Uncertain maybe, a little overwhelmed, certainly wondering how I’ll find the time to maintain this space, but not surprised…

5 thoughts on “I did it!

  1. Congratulations, Erinn! Welcome to the blogosphere. One thing I wish I had done at the beginning is do a screen capture of my first post so I could compare it in a few months time. You’ll want to get a ClustrMap and maybe a Feedjit, too. They give wonderful visual encouragement as you build your community.
    Go for it–and enjoy the ride!

  2. Great job, Errin! I was just as uncomfortable as you are when I first started. Now the addiction has set in! I find blogging a fantastic device for critical reflection especially in the throws of a field study going in every direction but the one intended! I really hope you find the time to continue as I would be very interested in reading your posts.

  3. Hello ladies!
    Thank you so much for the comments! It’s very exciting to have people present for the ‘birth’ (Jan’s word) of Just a Thought! I really do appreciate your support!

    @Jan – Great idea to screen capture my first post! And I figured out how to get a ClustrMap! Now I just need to contact people I know from afar so I can start collecting red dots!

    @Blogjunkie – I’m sure I’ll manage to find the time as I’m thinking about it constantly already! And concerning the field study, I remember one TLITE keynote saying that proof of a good action research question is that it often does lead to more questions and take on unanticipated research paths. Good luck with the field study!

  4. G’day Errin,
    I was on Catie’s blog from Jan SMith’s class and read your comment, so decided to visit you and leave a red dot on the map from Tasmania.

    I began blogging on a personal blog in January 2008, but since starting a class blog in March 2008 with my students, my personal blog gets a lot less work done on it. I often forget to write a post until something really fabulous happens in class blogging. My next post will have to be about the blogging competition and where it is going to now.

  5. Hi Miss W!
    Thanks for stopping by! I love getting new red dots from new places!

    I’ve followed “Technology in our Classroom” since the summer. It’s inspiring and motivating for me to watch the amazing work that other educators like yourself are doing with students. Great job, especially since you only started it in March!

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