7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I’ve been tagged for a meme for the first time! Thanks Jan! Okay world, here are seven things you don’t know about me:

  1. I have a new puppy. Her name is Bailey and she’s adorable.
  2. In less than thirteen years as a teacher, I have taught all grades from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve. I started teaching Intermediate, and then taught Primary for a few years. I currently teach students from Grade 8 – 12 and all of my classes are multigrade.
  3. I love to bake. My specialty is a thick, soft gingerbread cookie covered with a layer of chocolate and then decorated with Smarties…yummy!
  4. I’ve been with my high school sweetheart for 26 years.
  5. I am motherless. My mom died just over five years ago after a long, horrible battle with cancer. I don’t think I really grew up until after she died. I miss her so much. There’s a blog post simmering in the back of my mind about her, so more to come on that…
  6. I love to run. I go for a short run outside every other day, regardless of the weather.
  7. I discovered true friendship in my thirties. It changed my life.
  8. Small town + large teaching family = I taught one of my brothers and my sister. I taught for one year at a school where my father was the principal. Also, I was a substitute teacher for my mother and another of my brothers was a substitute teacher for me.

I know, that’s eight, not seven. I can count, I just couldn’t decide which of those to leave out, so consider the extra one a bonus!

Because I’m fairly new to blogging, I don’t know that many bloggers. I do read many blogs though, so most of the people I’m going to tag are people that write blogs I subscribe to.

I tag Betty Gilgoff, Cindy Martin, Phil Macoun, David Truss, Geeky Mom, Craig Roland. and Steve Dembo.

10 thoughts on “7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I imagine teaching is more “in your blood” than the rest of us! I gather that gingerbread is in the picure you took in one of your previous posts. And by the way–eight is good too, because on your blog you make the rules!

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  3. @ Betty – I enjoyed being a part of a meme for the first time! I’m going to comment on your ‘7 things’ next!

    @ Jan – Believe me, I tried to ignore the call and enrolled in fashion school after graduating! It took me a few years to come to my senses and realize that it was okay to be a teacher, too.

    I’d always wanted to be a teacher, even as a really young girl. The first time I walked into an elementary school to gain volunteer experience, I felt like I’d finally come home. I still feel that way when I walk into a school and I’m thankful I made the right choice, despite my rebellion!

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  5. Errin
    I am impressed with your blog. You put a lot of yourself into it, that’s a brave thing to do. Your blog enteries are text book examples of how to ‘do it’, great work. I miss your Mom too. She was always such a bright spark of life.

  6. @Ken – Thanks for the comment! My original purpose for blogging was to try Edublogs in preparation for blogging with my class. I’ve always enjoyed writing so it’s a good fit and I’m enjoying it more than I expected. The blog entry about Mom is coming soon. She’s so closely connected to my professional self (as well as the rest of me!) to leave her out for too much longer.

  7. Errin, great blog. And thanks for visiting mine and for the links. I will definitely check them out. And congrats on being tagged!

  8. Nice of you to stop by and comment! Thanks for the ‘limited edition’ post! When I saw what you’d written as your first list item I thought, oh no! I have a great deal of respect for complete honesty, though, so it made me smile!

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