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Is it normal to be insanely excited and absolutely terrified at the same time? Perhaps when riding a roller coaster, yes, but as a teacher? Actually, now that I’m writing this, I’m thinking that there are probably many teaching stories that fit that description.

I’m excited, and yet terrified, because the introduction of blogging into my art program is about to begin.

My excitement is due to the fact that I can’t wait to get started with the art blog. I envision photos of fantastic student artwork, thoughtful artist statements that offer explanations to those who visit the blog and comments which are both insightful and encouraging to those I work with each day. I hope for new motivation and more excitement for my students. I want to use technology as a tool to inspire and create new learning at my school. I want my students to become more knowledgeable when responding to the artwork of their peers and I want them to grow as artists from the comment dialogue I hope blossoms on the site.

And yet, at the same time, I’m terrified, probably due to those high expectations mentioned above(sometimes, perhaps, I may be a bit of an overachiever – understatement of the month if you know me at all…). Those persistent ‘what-ifs’ keep floating into my mind. What if the students don’t enjoy using the blog as part of their art course? What if I can’t get enough time in the lab? What if I have technical difficulties? What if the comments are not helpful, but hurtful? What if I can’t manage all the comments and co-comments and postings I’m ultimately responsible for as the teacher in charge of the project? What if, what if, what if…

I guess the logical approach is to do my best to be optimistic, but with a realistic perspective. I have a great support network if I need help, I have lots of recent personal blogging experiences to draw from, and I have the best group of students possible for introducing blogging to the art department at my school.

Wish us luck…!

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5 thoughts on “Art Students’ Blog Coming Soon!

  1. Hey Errin,

    Congrats on the upcoming art blog! My student blogs are still very new. I am SO looking forward to summer, because I have all these ideas for improvement!!! I just need time to develop and plan.


  2. Thanks Lisa! It’s a non-instructional day here tomorrow so I’ll have time to do the initial set up. It certainly does take time to do all these neat tech projects!

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