Connecting, Innovating, and Personalizing Education

Last November, the Ministry of Education sent a videographer to our district to film the Elementary Connected Classrooms project. The videographer spent the day filming in the TechnoKidz classroom in Lytton, one of our three Connected Classrooms. The video was just released in the Ministry Media Room and, if you watch carefully, that’s me teaching onscreen 39 seconds in. It was my turn to teach that day and, somewhat nervously, I taught about word usage and becoming a Wordsmith (inspired by a writing lesson from the Traits of Writing book).

We learned today that the video made from the filming is part of a Ministry press release entitled “Growing innovation brings personalized learning to life“. The video is mentioned at the end of the press release and it shows how we’re connecting students with innovative technology use and, in the process, taking steps to personalize education for our rural students.

Even though the video is only 51 seconds long, it’s pretty neat to have the project recognized in this way!

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  1. Hi Claire! Nice to hear from you! It is a really cool project to be a part of and yes, the kids are very excited to be a part of it too. I interviewed most of my class before Spring Break for my Masters and their comments were very positive.

    Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Hello Eugene! Thanks for stopping by! How are you? I hear you may move back to town again? Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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