A Winning Post!!!

I rarely win anything. Really. Almost never. Every now and then, however, I have a little streak of luck (must be that Irish blood!) when things seem to go my way…

Thanks to a comment left on my last post by Mrs. Shori, a fellow edublogger, I learned that I was one of 14 winners in the Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition! Wow! What an honour, I can’t thank Sue Waters and the Edublogger enough!

I am so grateful that my post was chosen from so many. I am most appreciative for the positive effect this will have on my students. The timing is perfect; I just created the art class blog, complete with 30 student blogs linked as the blogroll on the main class blog page. I applied my winnings, a free 12 month Edublogs supporter subscription, to the main class blog and the individual student blogs to enhance the students’ blogging experience. We are now ad free, we have extra widgets to play with, and I LOVE the Blog & User Creator ‘bulk feature’ which allowed me to create 15 student blogs at a time – what a great time saver!

Congratulations to all the other winners and thanks to all those who are visiting this space as a result of the win! I do appreciate your comments!

Imagery – Glittering Jewels in My Garden by cobalt123on flickr.com