Six Things Learned in My First Two Weeks

Reflection time. Here are six things I’ve learned about blogging in my first two weeks:

  1. Maintaining a blog takes time. I’ve spent 3-4 hours per week designing and writing posts. I realize that it’s a work in progress and I like the continuous improvements as my blog evolves.
  2. Visual appeal is important. I created a Flickr account and added the link to my page. One thing I want to learn next is how to include photos in my posts, especially copyright free images off the net.
  3. I want to use my blog to help build my PLN. Blogging is a good way to build a personal learning network. Check out Sue Waters’s recent posts on the subject – if you hurry, there’s a survey you can fill out.
  4. Activate your Widgets – I waited (impatiently!) for little red dots to appear after I added a ClustrMap (a widget suggested by Jan Smith – thanks Jan!). I knew people were visiting my blog, but no red dots! Turns out that an email from ClustrMap that I misread was really the way to activate the widget…oops!
  5. I’m enjoying myself. Writing relaxes me, it always has. It doesn’t matter if I write with a pen or with a keyboard. There is, however, something extra special about a beautiful, handmade journal and a really fabulous pen…
  6. Bloggers can be compared to rock stars. Steve Dembo at Teach 42 wrote a great post full of encouraging words for beginning bloggers:

“When you get right down to it, the best way to be a successful blogger… is to be one. To put yourself out there, to be bold and promote yourself, to be confident in your worth and quite simply to be the Rock Star you truly are.”

4 thoughts on “Six Things Learned in My First Two Weeks

  1. Blogging does create amazing connections; however it will take time to build your blog’s community. Like you I also struggled choosing my blog name and now would love to change both it’s name and URL.

    Keep an eye on my personal blog later this week as I have some cool information on building your PLN.

    Best of luck with your blogging.

  2. Glad you stopped by! I’ll be checking for that info on building my PLN. I must say, I love seeing new red dots on my ClustrMap!

  3. Hi I’m Max I’m one of the students in div16 I think you are doing very well since you have just started. Here are a few pointers to include links because they pull the reader in and to get some more advice go to my friend caties blog at

    keep up the great blogging!

  4. Hi Max! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I really value student’s opinions. Thanks too for the helpful pointers. I appreciate that!

    I think Division 16 is doing great work in the blogosphere! Great job to all of you, and again, thanks for your support and kind words!

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