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Although it is a busy time of year, I found time to post! I am guilty, I admit, of placing sugar cookies and gingerbread ahead of posting on my priority list this past week!

If you haven’t already, you really should check out the edublogs nominated for the annual Edublog Awards. Education blogs, or edublogs, are written for many reasons, as shown by the various nomination categories. Anyone can vote (do it before December 21) and the winners are revealed just before Christmas – an early gift for those who celebrate Christmas!

The edublogs nominated are impressive. The educators responsible are doing amazing and inspirational work. I’ve been following some for awhile now, such as Will Richardson’s Weblogg-ed and Clarence Fisher’s Remote Access. More recent favourites include Jan Smith’s Huzzah!, Miss Wyatt’s Technology in our Classroom and Sue Water’s Mobile Technology in TAFE. Congratulations to you all!

There is so much to learn from these people. While some edublogs offer great examples of how to use blogging to enhance students’ learning, others are set up for the sole purpose of resource sharing (you have to check out Larry Ferlazzo’s Websites of the Day – too good not to know about!).

Hopefully you’ll find the time to learn something new from these extraordinary educators! And some time for sugar cookies and gingerbread too, of course…

5 thoughts on “Edublog Awards

  1. Hi Errin,
    This is impressive! I have shared it around to all of the teachers I know. Good job. I do hope you find the time to keep it going. I still don’t know how it all works, but I’d like to try to figure a way to post a couple articles. I love the bubble wrap panic mode and the flicker addition!!

  2. Errin, gingerbread and sugar cookies should come ahead of your blog! Thank you for commenting on our class blog, and for commenting on Catie’s. It has been such a treat to watch these young people grow, innovate & take risks with their blogs. I am soooo proud.

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  4. @Catherine – If you want, I can show you how to get started. Edublogs makes it easy, it’s more finding the time to experiment and figure things out that’s difficult!

    @Larry – You’re welcome! And thank you for all those great sites!

    @Jan – You should be proud of yourself too! Your students are doing great work, I am very impressed! The writing seems very audience-aware, if that makes sense. I have shown the blog as an example several times now to both students and teachers. Keep up the good work! (And tonight’s project – shortbread, yummy!)

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