31 Days to Being a Better Blogger

To enhance my learning and improve my blogging, I’ve decided to join up with others and explore the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Project by Darren Rowse which is connected to Steve Dembo’s 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger. I had started doing this on my own, but I know that being a part of a group learning experience is much better for me.

I’m determined to figure out as much as possible before starting my classroom blog and that time is rapidly approaching! I decided this after reading Sue Waters’ latest post on the subject. Thanks, Sue for the motivation! I hope I linked back correctly!

11 thoughts on “31 Days to Being a Better Blogger

  1. Hi Jan,
    That looks great! I’ve just signed up for the 31 Day Challenge, but I think I’ll sign up on that ning as well! I took a quick look and it seems too good to pass up. In the interests of maintaining balance, I’ll probably be more of a ‘lurker’ this time! Thanks for thinking of me!

    BTW, still working on that problem of text size. I may have to change my theme…

  2. So glad to have you join the project:)

    I noticed that you teach photography. I teach a unit on photography in my multimedia class; I would love to chat sometime about lessons/skills you would suggest using in such a unit.


  3. Just introducing myself and getting started commenting on others blogs.

    Would it be a good idea to put all the participants on a blog roll in the sidebar? I worry about putting private information of others on a public blog.

    Regards, Bill Oldham

  4. @ Lisa – I’d love to chat about lessons, etc for photography! My course starts with traditional black and white photography using Manual SLR cameras and then we work into digital and learn about image editing software. I’ve just managed to acquire five digital cameras and five digital camcorders, so I’m hoping to get some new ideas too!

    @ Bill – Thanks for stopping by! I’d wondered about putting the challenge participants’ blogs onto my blogroll. I don’t think I will, I usually add the blogs I read/comment on regularly. I’ll probably RSS feed and subscribe to them instead. What do think about that idea?

  5. Regarding blog rolls – I use my Google Reader to create my blog roll and it’s on a totally separate page of my blog. All the participants are in a separate folder – I can give you the Embed code so you can easily add it to your blogs if you would like?

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  7. Errin
    31 Days to Being a Better Blogger is a great project, I think I better get on the wagon too! ProBlogger is a great resource, but one that I hadn’t looked at for a couple of weeks. Are you on Twitter? I am trying to figure out how to use it as an educational/professional tool.

  8. Hi Ken
    I am really enjoying the challenge for many reasons. Are you signing up with our group?

    I’m not on Twitter yet for a reason. I want to finish with at least one technology project before starting another. I know that Twitter is a great tool for a number of reasons, and I’d like to use it to expand my PLN, but not until I’ve finished up at least one other project first. Have you checked Sue Waters blog for info on Twitter? I’m sure I saw something there. I’ll keep my eyes open and send any info your way.

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