Spring Break Catch-up on the 31 Day Blogging Challenge

For the last few weeks, the art class blog has been my latest tech obsession, which does take time away from the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. Thanks to a week off school for Spring Break (and it actually finally felt like spring today!), I can do some catching up!

Day 15 – Make Your Most Popular Posts Sticky – I stalled here for a reason – mainly I couldn’t figure out what I was supposed to do for this task! I finally discovered (after reading other challenge participants’ blogs) that I could add “If you liked this post, you might like to read…” at the bottom of my posts to encourage people to read other posts that connect to the post they just read.

I also realized that a RSS feed link can be added at the end of the post as per the Edublogger but I haven’t done this yet. I just haven’t had the time to play around with it. It’s probably much simpler than I’m guessing, so if you check back in the future, you might see a fancy icon meant to ‘stickify’ my posts!

Day 16 – Create a Heatmap of Where Readers Click on Your Blog – I signed up for the free trial version of CrazyEgg. CrazyEgg is a tool that tracks where people are clicking on your blog – very useful for various reasons. If I was blogging for profit, I might consider paying for an actual subscription, but I’m not, so free is good for me (thanks Problogger!).

Day 17 – Create a StumbleUpon Advertising Campaign for Your Blog – Great idea, if you’re interested in blogging for profit, which I’m not. This means I can skip to Day 18!

Day 18 – Create a Sneeze Page and Proper Readers Deep Within Your Blog – I like this one. Basically the idea is to purposefully send readers back into your archives to read your best posts. Very practical! After only four months of blogging, it’s easy to see that earlier posts can easily be lost. My first Sneeze Page is, fittingly, the 31 Day Blogging Challenge. Check it out for all my posts connected to the daily tasks!

That’s it for now! Four more tasks done, thirteen to go! I have to admit, I’ve learned a great deal from the challenge tasks and I strongly encourage others to go through the activities to learn how to become a better blogger. A little self-directed professional development for those learning-addicted educators out there…!

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Imagery – daffodil by lyricsart on Flickr.com

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